SECTION- 14. Staff of Lokayukta and Up-Lokayukta -

(1) The Lokayukta may appoint or authorize an Up-Lokayukta or any officer subordinate to the Lokayukta or an Up-Lokayukta to appoint, officer and other employees to assist the Lokayukta and Up-Lokayuktas in the discharge of their functions under this Act :
Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall be construed to prevent any person who holds a post under the Central or the State Government from being appointed on deputation with the consent of that Government.

(2) The number and categories of offices and employees who may be appointed under sub-section (1), their salaries allowances and other conditions of service and the administrative powers of the Lokayukta and Up-Lokayuktas shall be such as may be determined by general or special order of the State Government made after consultation with the Lokayukta.

(3) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (1), the Lokayukta or an Up-Lokayukta may for the purpose of conducting investigations under this Act utilize the services of -
(i) any officer or investigation agency of the State or Central Government with the concurrence of that Government,
(ii) any other person or agency.