SECTION- 4. Lokayukta or Up-Lokayukta to hold no other office -

The Lokayukta shall be a person who is or has been a Judge of the Supreme Court or a High Court and the Lokayukta or an Up-Lokayukta shall be a person who is not and has never been a member of Parliament or a member of the Legislature of any State and shall not hold any office of trust or profit (other than his office as the Lokayukta or as the case may be an Up-Lokayukta) or be connected with any political party or carry on any business or practice any profession and accordingly before he enters upon his office, a person appointed at the Lokayukta or, as the case may be an Up-Lokayukta shall-
(a) if he is a sitting Judge or holds any other office of trust or profit, resign from such office ; or
(b) if he is connected with any political party, sever his connection with it; or
(c) if he is carrying on any business, sever his connection (short of divesting himself of owner-ship) with the conduct and management of such business ; or
(d) if he is practicing any professional suspend practice of such profession