I------------------ having been appointed Lokayukta/Up-Lokayukta do swear in the name of God/solemnly affirm that I will bear faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India, as by law established, and I will duly and faithfully and to the best of my ability, knowledge and judgement perform the duties of my office without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. *As amended vide

Notification No. 613/17-V-1-1, (K)-19/1989, dated 31-3-89 (U.P. Act No. 10, 1989).


There shall be paid to be Lokayukta and the Up-Lokayukta in respect of time spent on actual service, salary at the following rates per mensem, that is to say ;

Lokayukta - In case he has been a judge of the Supreme Court of a Judge of a High Court, to salary respectively admissible from time to time to a judge of the Supreme Court or Chief Justice of a High Court or a Judge of a High Court.

Up-Lokayukta- In case he has been a judge of a High Court, the salary admissible from time to time to a judge of a High Court and in any other case, the salary admissible from time to time to an Additional Secretary of the Government of India :

Provided that if the Lokayukta or an Up-Lokayukta at the time of his appointment is in receipt of a pension (other than a disability or wound pension) in respect of any previous service under the Government of India or any of its predecessor Governments or under the Government of a State or any of it predecessor Government, his salary in respect of service as the Lokayukta or, as the case may be, Up-Lokayukta shall be reduced-

(a) by the amount of that pension, and
(b) if he has, before such appointment, received in lieu of a portion of the pension due to him in respect such previous service commuted value thereof, by the amount of that portion of the pension.

THE THIRD SCHEDULE [ See SECTION 8 (1) (B) (i) ] (a)

Action taken for the purpose of investigating crime or protecting the security of the Sate.
(b) Action taken in the exercise of powers in relation to determining whether a matter shall go to, or shall continue to be prosecuted in a court or not.
(c) Action taken in matters which arise out of the terms of a contract governing purely commercial relations of the administration of the Government or of the local authority or other corporation, company or society, as the case may be, with customers or suppliers except where the complainant alleges harassment or gross delay in meeting contractual obligations.
(d) Action taken in respect of appointments** "[other than an appointment referred to in clause (ii) of clause (d) of section 2.]". Removal, pay, discipline, superannuation or other matters relating to conditions of service of public servants but not including action relating to claims, for pension, gratuity, provident fund or to any claims which arise on retirement, removal or termination of service.
(e) Grant of honours and awards.

By, order Kailash nath goyal Secretary